Blog of Zoe at Galien Valley
Galien River valley, southwest Michigan, North America

Points, Goals, Missions...:

Top 10 Points

1 ● to become increasingly more aware of goodness, oneself (one's unselfish self), nature, people, one's local community, and the world.   

2 ● to continually learn how to help to sustain and enrich nature, people, and communities. 

3 ● to live, learn, work, do science, and do art in ways that serve goodness by helping communities, people, and nature. 

Up with love, peace, joy, fun, health, supply, wisdom, awareness, helpfulness, capability, communities, people, nature, sustainable skills, moral courage, humility, humbleness, and other things that holistically help communities, people, and nature!!
Down with greed, violence, depression, loneliness, helplessness, boredom, illness, poverty, ignorance, complacency, pollution, destruction, rage, arrogance, and other things that hinder communities, people, and nature!

4 ● Daily, the many things that I do, I do to both: support good things and diminish bad things. I take holistic actions to advocate the good and deter the bad. Daily, I do things to support many long-term benefits, all together. The benefits include love, peace, joy, people, nature, sustainable communities, health, safety, supplies (sustainable economy), sustainable wisdom, sustainable skills, sustainable local-self-sufficiency, and freedom to do good (including to be sustainable), freedom to have good (sustainable supplies), and freedom from harm.   Concurrently, I oppose things that harm any or all of the above (health, supply, people, nature, etc.), including the neglect and destruction of communities, people, nature, and sustainable local-self-sufficiency.  Daily, the same things that I do to support good things, I also do to diminish many chronic disasters, all together. The disasters include illness, poverty, hunger, homelessness, helplessness, depression, isolation, loneliness, boredom, ignorance, complacency, bad education, greed, violence, dysfunctional communities, climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, and excessive garbage. 

5 ●People need nature, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, fertile soil to grow food, etc.   Taking care of nature (air, water, soil, plants, habitats, etc.) is an important way to take care of people, communities, health, economy, and the world.  

6 ● By helping one’s local community, people, and nature, and putting one’s hands into the soil, are some of the best ways for a person to better know about and understand the world, as well as to help the world. 

7 ● By helping one’s local community, people, and nature, boosting personal-self-sufficiency and community cooperation and local self-reliance, and putting one’s hands into the soil are some of the best ways to become educated, experienced, and skilled to economically support oneself, family, community, and world. 

8 ● By helping one’s local community, people, and nature, boosting personal-self-sufficiency and community cooperation and local community economies, and putting one’s hands into the soil are some of the best ways to help your community and world to be more good, safe, healthy, well-supplied, peaceful, socially cohesive, fun, and as well as to be better able to run a sustainable community economy, have sustainable community health care, and be free to do good, free to have good, and free from harm.  

9 ● Aim to support: morals, community, and the landscape.  (Morals) provide people with meaningful and positive activities; (community) connect people with the local community, and the (landscape) expand people’s awareness of nature, the local land, and the environment.

10 ● Last, but not least, aim to support the best education possible. Support sustainable educations, cultures, and local economies that help people learn how to sustain and enrich communities, people, and nature, so that people and nature can thrive together. Support community arts educations. (See definitionz for "education - community arts.")  



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