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Galien River valley, southwest Michigan, North America

People, Community, Culture
Culture Comments:
Community, Nature, Culture, Landcare, Science, Art

Points, Goals, Missions...:
to become increasingly more aware of goodness, oneself (one's unselfish self), nature, people, one's local community, and the world.   
to continually learn how to help to sustain and enrich nature, people, and communities. 
to live, learn, work, do science, and do art in ways that serve goodness by helping communities, people, and nature. 
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My cultural comments daily entries include:
How being moral; doing sustainable science and art; being aware of nature; taking care of communities, people, and nature; living, learning, and working; word definitions; life pursuits; and various other daily things interrelate with culture, affect culture, and is affect by culture.

To read more of my cultural comments, read my definitions of science, art, community, culture, economy, education, and many other words, at my definitionz page.



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