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Galien River valley, southwest Michigan, North America

Nature Notes:
southwest Michigan, Weather and Phenology

Points, Goals, Missions...:
to become increasingly more aware of goodness, oneself (one's unselfish self), nature, people, one's local community, and the world.   
to continually learn how to help to sustain and enrich nature, people, and communities. 
to live, learn, work, do science, and do art in ways that serve goodness by helping communities, people, and nature. 
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Nature Notes include:
8 AM temperature and weather
2 PM temperature and weather
Phenology that I observe in southwest Michigan. Phenology includes the change of plants and animals from month to month or season to season, throughout the year. For example, an apple tree has flowers and new leaves in the spring, dark green leaves and ripening apples in the summer, ripe apples and leaves fall off in the fall, and the branches have no leaves in the winter.
Be aware of your local phenology: when do certain plants flower?, when do certain birds migrate? etc.


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