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Points, Goals, Missions...:
to become increasingly more aware of goodness, oneself (one's unselfish self), nature, people, one's local community, and the world.
to be Nice in 5 Ways, to be Holistic, and to support Community CEEE (Culture-Education-Ecology-Economy).
to live, learn, work, do science, and do art in ways that serve goodness by helping to sustain, and enrich communities, people, and nature. 
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grow and expand your
morals, love, awareness, and health

1. Morals-Love-Awareness-Health
To be moral is to support goodness. Choose to live to do good things to help communities, people, and nature. Choose to be moral, ethical, fair, joyful, and peaceful. Morals includes love, as in moral love, spiritual love, community love, brotherly love, world love, a love for all mankind, and helping mankind. Morals and love include awareness. Increasingly become more aware of good possibilities and opportunities for communities, people, and nature. To be moral is to love and be aware.  Morals, love, and awareness boost people's health. Furthermore, morals, love, and awareness sustain and enrich the health of communities, people, and nature.  Morals-love-awareness-health is the most important action, motive, outlook, and first step in being sustainable.

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Caretaking and Healing

Morals-Love-Awareness-Health is the first thing to do every day. And take a moment for it before you start each activity throughout your day. It's should be the first thing you do, before each holistic day activity: nature science, nature art, permaculture food, landcare, and community culture.

Moreover, Morals-Love-Awareness-Health is the first and most important thing to do to be sustainable, to sustain and enrich communities, people, and nature. Morals-Love-Awareness-Health is the first and most important thing to do in culture, education, ecology, and economy, as well as in health and safety.

Spirituality: Uplift Your Thought
Spirituality means many things. Spirituality includes having moral love, brotherly love, a love for all mankind - wanting all mankind to do good and have good and to be free from social and economic injustice and inequality.
Spirituality includes thinking nice and good thoughts about your neighbors and helping your neighbors.
Spirituality includes helping communities, people, and nature.
Spirituality includes not being obsessed with material riches and physical riches; not being greedy, selfish, hateful, and violent; and not being prejudiced towards your neighbors, both people and nature, near and far. Read more about spirituality at the Good Journal.
Spirituality means to uplift your thought about mankind. We should know that mankind was created to be in harmony with creation. Mankind and nature were created to thrive together. Mankind can get all the supplies and stuff that it needs in ways that benefit nature too. Man is not naturally destructive to nature; plus, man does not naturally succumb to poverty in order to help nature. Also, we should know that nature does not aim to harm mankind. Nature and mankind exist to mutually help each other. Yes, humans make mistakes, but that does not mean that people cannot live in ways that are beneficial to both people and nature. People can live in ways that benefit both people and nature. 
The Little Engine That Could could not get up the mountain unless she thought that she could. Likewise, mankind cannot get all the stuff he needs in ways that benefit people and nature together, unless mankind thinks he can. We all have to uplift our thought and say that people and nature can thrive together. People can live in ways that benefit both people and nature. That's not to imply that should continue to live according to capitalism's reckless ways. We do need to change our culture, education, ecology, and economy to be more considerate of nature. (See 7 changes in culture-education-ecology-economy.)

Throughout my blog are expressions of Morals-Love-Awareness-Health.

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Caretaking and Healing

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