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about z-design

To get services from z-design and to get more information about z-design, contact z-design at z-design@z-hub.org

A landscape architecture firm in Three Oaks, in Southwest Michigan.
Mission Statement: to design each landscape with multiple purposes: to be beneficial to society and nature and to be beneficial, beautiful and enticing, useful, and engaging to the people who use it.   Each landscape design to be beneficial in that it helps to enrich and sustain people, society, and nature.  Each landscape design to be beautiful and enticing in that it encourages people to connect with nature and local habitats.  Each landscape design to be useful in that it helps people live a more ecologically-sensitive, locally self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle. Each landscape design to be engaging in that it is designed for people to use, care for, and help replenish the natural resources that are on-site. Furthermore, the landscape designs are not only to support local natural resources, native wildlife, and habitats, but also to enrich people's health, economy, wisdom, skills, freedom, inspiration, creativity, and values and to help people get in deeper touch with joy, beauty, family, friends, children, and the local outdoors. Each project's design is to be unique to harmonize with the client's goals and the local environment's distinctive qualities.

Project types: z-design is interested in doing design work for various project types including homesteads, residential sites, parks, nature centers, playgrounds, schoolyards, institutional sites, and other undertakings which involve nature, culture, socialization, art, play, and education. For instance, z-design established the Pocket Pumpkin Press. Z-design's creative pursuits and design concepts are based on the philosophy that everything connects to everything: social elements and natural elements are linked together and affect each other. Thus, z-design's work aims to benefit clients, society, and nature.

Balance, Sustainability, Practicality
The landscape designs intend to include a balance of sustainability and practicality.
Z-design aims to guide clients on their grand adventure to live a wonderful life, a life that is more ecologically-sensitive, locally self-reliant, sustainable, land-based.  Clients can choose from many suggested landscape design options which vary in degrees of sustainability.  Z-design will design sustainable landscapes to the comfort and delight of clients.  The firm aims to design landscapes that are beautiful to the client and practical to the client’s modern routines.  Additionally, z-design aspires to help clients expand their understanding of society, nature, and sustainability and to help clients learn how they can be more sustainable and more in touch with nature.  Indeed, sustainable, natural, and land-based experiences enhance people’s lives.   In many ways, z-design’s sustainable designs intend to enrich and sustain clients, society, and nature. 

Z-design provides a wide range of services from landscape architecture, to nature and culture education, to sustainable lifestyle planning. Landscape architecture services include schematic designs, master plans, construction documents, and construction administration.  For more information on services, ask z-design at z-design@z-hub.org. The firm operates as either a lead designer or a consultant on a team.  Furthermore, the firm works with homeowners, private agencies, public agencies, architects, and developers.

About the Prinicpal: A Michigan-licensed landscape architect is the principal and founder of z-design.  Before she established z-design, she was a landscape architect at CBA Landscape Architects, in Massachusetts, for 5 years.  At CBA, she was the project manager for several schoolyards and park playgrounds in Boston. Additionally at CBA, she worked on all phases of residential, institutional, and commercial projects.  Prior to her employment with CBA, she worked at a plant nursery in Pennsylvania, a landscape architecture firm in California, and a park district in Illinois.  She has a landscape architecture degree from the University of Illinois. 

To get services from z-design and to get more information about z-design, contact z-design at z-design@z-hub.org

Z-design’s mission includes helping to improve people’s health by designing landscapes in which people can exercise, play, relax, gain inspiration and wisdom, develop skills and creativity, and experience excitement, serenity, and beauty.

Z-design’s mission includes helping to improve the economy by designing landscapes in which people use, care for, and help replenish the natural resources that are on-site.

Z-design’s mission includes helping to improve the people’s education by designing landscapes that help people connect to the local outdoors and gain useful wisdom and skills to support local natural resources and habitats.

Z-design’s mission includes helping to expand people’s freedom by designing landscapes in which people can live more independently by growing and developing resources on-site, gathering and making necessary supplies, and living more self-sufficiently and sustainably.

Z-design’s mission includes enriching society’s art by designing artistic landscapes that help deepen connections between society with and nature.

Z-design’s mission includes helping society expand its understanding of the value of nature and natural resources.

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