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Pocket Pumpkin Press Mission:
    (morals) provide meaningful and positive activities
    (community) connect kids with the local community
    (landscape) expand environmental awareness

alphabet package
Southwest Michigan's Plants and Animals
of six local landscapes: lake, dune, woods, wetlands, farm, and town

Use Pocket Pumpkin Press products to
Support the Local Community, People, and Nature:
not only learn to read, to study science, social studies, and culture,
to play games, and to decorate your walls,
but do it while also learning about local nature.

package includes:
26 Books in Local Nature Alphabet Book Set
78 Local Nature Alphabet Coloring Pages
32 Posters in Local Wildlife Alphabet Wall Display

$145 for the Alphabet Package
To purchase items: e-mail the Pocket Pumpkin Press at press@z-hub.org

26 Alphabet Books
Each book focuses on 1 alphabet letter. Each book briefly describes plants and animals that begin with that letter. The plants and animals each live in one or more of the six Southwest Michigan landscapes: lake, dunes, woods, wetlands, farms, and towns. Also, the books describe what the plants and animals do per season. Introduce your children to the six landscapes and the plants and animals that live in them. Easy to hard words. For parents to read to their young children or for older children to read on their own.

78 Alphabet Coloring Pages
3 pages for each alphabet letter: 1 large picture page, 4 pictures of natural and man-made items on another page, and many small pictures of plants and animals of the six local habitats on another page.

32 Alphabet Posters, cardstock
There is a 8.5" x 11" poster for each alphabet letter and for each of the six local environments: lake, dune, woods, wetlands, farm, and town. Each sheet has 4 to 3 plants and or animals. Each plant and animal name is listed.

$145 for the Alphabet Package
To purchase items: e-mail the Pocket Pumpkin Press at press@z-hub.org

Or buy each item separately.

Alphabet Book Set

Alphabet Coloring Pages

Alphabet Wall Display

Curriculum is based on the phenomenon that everything connects to everything. All social elements and all natural elements relate to each other. All social elements (health, economy, school, government, art, values, etc.), culture, and all natural elements (habitats, plants, animals, water, ground, air, etc.) link together.

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