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Nature is the natural things that surround us, such as the air, water, soil, land, rocks, weather, habitats, plants, animals, and more.




8 Goals of CEEE: 8 Goals and Success Indicators of culture, education, ecology, and economy; Changes needed in education and economy.
8 Goals and Success Indicators of culture, education, ecology, and economy
, in order to help communities, people, and nature.
1. ABC Garden of Community Education.
2. Community Standards for Schools. Get rid of state standardized testing.
3. Community Jobs. With community help, schools train students for jobs, schools offer community jobs to students and graduates, and schools help students and graduates to start up local small businesses.
4. Diminish Poverty.
5. Local-Self-Sufficiency.
6. Natural Resources.
7. Eco-Jobs: Ecologic and Economic.
8. Reduce Using Fossil Fuels.
Read more about education and economy:
Changes Needed in Education and Economy:
8 Goals and Success Indicators of culture, education, ecology, and economy.


Sustain, Sustainable, Sustainability, Holistic Sustainability, 40 Sustainable Categories
Holistic Sustainability

being environmental
including 40 Sustainable Categories
Let's sustain and enrich communities, people, and nature. Let's have an education that teaches students how to run sustainable communities and an economy that are mutually beneficial to both people and nature.
Here are a few of 40 sustainability categories:
1. Morals-Love-Awareness-Health and 9 Morals
2. Experience Life for Yourself (DIY: do it yourself; do things yourself to help others; think for yourself on how to help communities)
3. connect with Nature, People, and Communities
4. Holistic: Whole Culture (including the ways we live, learn, work, do science, do art, and more)
5. Five Ways to Be Nice
6. Think Global, Act Local:
Global Love, Local Economy

7. Self-Reliance and Community Cooperation
8. Eight Most Valuable Things
including Seven Priceless Things
9. CEEE: culture-education-ecology-economy
and the 8 Joint Goals of CEEE
10. Community Education Standards
and Get Rid of Academic State Testing
11. Start Simple, ABC Garden
12. Spirituality: Uplift Your Thought
Know that mankind can be good and can be helpful to communities, people, and nature.
14. Question Everything
18. Sustainable Science
19. Sustainable Art
20. Holistic Landcare
23. Sustainable Low-Technologies
24. Sustainable High-Technologies
35. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
37. Wilderness Conservation
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40 Ways to Sustain and Enrich Communities, People, and Nature, Holistic Sustainability

8 Joint Goals of CEEE: culture-education-ecology-economy for Sustainable Communities, CEEE: culture-education-ecology-economy



ABC Garden Three Oaks, ABC Holistic Education Garden, Michigan, USA, nature blog, Pocket Pumpkin Press
ABC Garden

ABC Holistic Education Garden of Three Oaks, Michigan, USA. See some of the class lessons learned at the ABC garden.
See ABC Garden
at www.z-hub.org/ABCgarden.html


Michigan Nature Photos
photos of
southwest Michigan Nature


prairie flowers, nature, wildflowers, ABC garden, Michigan, nature blog
Prairie Flower Photos

at www.z-hub.org/zle-blog/3Nature/p-flowers.html

Morals, Nice5, 5 Ways to be Nice, Morals, Awareness, Love, Health, nature, culture, community
Morals and 5 Ways to be Nice.

At the ABC Garden of nature gardens, flower gardens, food gardens, etc., we teach children how to be moral: to do good, sustainable, and holistic things for communities, people, and nature. Also, garden lessons include learning how to be nice in 5 ways. It's important for each person to be nice in all 5 ways.
1. Friendly to People

2. Unprejudiced
3. Friendly to Nature
4. Help Individuals in Occasional Emergencies Help Individuals (people, animals, plants, etc.), Random Acts of Kindness, Save a Life, etc.
5. Daily Community Help, Holistically Help Communities via Community Culture. Boost quality of life. Sustain and enrich the community. Improve the economy in the long-run. Diminish poverty.
Read more about Morals and 5 Ways to be Nice.

Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program, ABC Garden, Three Oaks, Michigan, nature blog
Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program (GV-NCP)
Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program runs interdisicplinary classes about nature and culture. Classes are informative and fun. Students learn how culture and nature relate to each other and how science, art, health, economy, etc. relate to nature too. Furthermore, classes include a few lessons on holistic skills as well as the ABCs of community, ecology, economy, science, art, and more.
See Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program website at www.z-hub.org/galienvalleyncp.html


Blog of Zoe at Galien Valley, ABC Garden, Michigan, nature blog
Blog of Zoe at Galien Valley
, about practicing holistic skills, science, art, teaching nature classes and the ABCs of 6 holistic skills, local wildlife, local native flowers, stewardship and landcare of local habitats, etc.
See Zoe's Daily Blog website at
See Zoe's Monthly Blog website at


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