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Holistic means Whole-Culture

education, ecology, economy, science, art, etc.

I use the word "holistic"
not to narrowly mean herbal medicines alone,
but yes to broadly mean whole culture, including economy, education, science, art, the ways we live and learn and work (EEE System), relationships with people, relationships with nature, etc.

If something has the quality of being "holistic" that means that it relates to and supports everything basic that people and communities need: food, water, shelter, nature and science, art and community, economy and ecology, community and culture, love, joy, peace, morals, and overall health (moral, mental, physical, economic, social, environmental, and healing).

A "holistic" skill, task, and activity is beneficial in many ways, and not in just one way or a few ways. Holistic means that it's simultaneously beneficial in many ways including to people's health, safety, morals, education, long-term economy, culture, science, art, awareness, love, peace, joy, and more. An example skill, task, or activity that is not holistic is beneficial in only one or a few ways, such as only making short-term money, and meanwhile ruining people's safety, health, long-term economy, education, skillfulness, peace, harmony, fun, and the health of nature.  

In education, a "holistic" class or "holistic" book is interdisciplinary. A holistic class or book acknowledges that everything is connected to everything else. Holistic action and study look at how one thing or one school subject connects with and affects everything else. Holistic means that each skill, task, lesson, and activity, such as in education, is interdisciplinary and beneficial in multiple ways — and not in just one way, and not related to just one school subject. Holistic means that each skill, task, lesson, and activity is beneficial in many ways, simultaneously, including to people's health, safety, culture, education, ecology, economy, science, art, morals, love, peace, joy, nature, communities, government, language, science, social studies, math, and more.

"Holistic" means sustainable and enriching. Holistic means that its simultaneously helping people’s culture, education, ecology, economy, and more (people’s health, joy, fun, morals, peace, harmony, government, science, art, community functionality,
community cohesion, etc.), as well as takes care of the whole community landscape. Holistic means that its simultaneously helping culture, education, ecology, economy, and more to be sustainable and enriching.

Holistic: Whole Culture and Education of Science, Art, Ecology, and Economy.
The most important education for children is holistic community education: learning how to take care of people, nature, and functional communities with education-ecology-economy systems (EEE System) with sustainable local economies, nested in larger economies. In school, children can learn academics, but also they must mostly learn about their community, including interdisciplinary lessons of how science, art, ecology, and economy holistically relate to each other and to the local community.

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Culture is society's
relationship with nature

Culture includes how society uses nature (air, water,
soil, habitats, etc.), views nature, values nature, learns about nature, and takes care of nature.
Culture includes how nature links to and is viewed
in the media, schools, education, health care, economy, morals, ethics, government, science, art, language, etc.

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Holistic Design, Holistic, Whole Culture, science, art, nature, culture
z-hub z-design. Holistic Design.
Landscape Architecture. Holistic Design plans and designs the land and outdoor spaces to help people and students of all ages to learn and practice (knowledge and experience) how to help communities, people, and nature through culture, education, ecology, economy, health, science, art, language, social studies, and more. Holistic Design can be implemented at schools, community centers, camps, nature centers, education campuses, commercial centers, residential and homestead sites, and elsewhere.
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Holistic Community Education, Holistic Education, Community Education, whole culture, nature, science, art
Holistic Community Education.
(25 Multiple Intelligences)
The wisest education is a holistic sustainable community education to learn how to live, learn, and work to help communities, people, and nature, by doing 25 holistic education skills and subjects. In holistic education, every subject is interdisciplinary. Each subject relates to the other holistic subjects, to academic subjects, as well as to local and global issues.
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Holistic Sustainability, environment, nature, habitats, community, culture, science, art
Holistic Sustainability

being environmental
including 40 Sustainable Categories
Let's sustain and enrich communities, people, and nature. Let's have an education that teaches students how to run sustainable communities and an economy that are mutually beneficial to both people and nature.
Sustainability includes recycling, reusable bags, shopping local, organic food, and renewable energies. Yet, sustainability deals with more than food, money, energy, and technology. Sustainability also deals with communities, culture, nature, the outdoors, education, community economics, morals (connection and helping others: both people and nature), a mix of self-sufficiency and community cooperation, science, art, creativity, being holistic, and more.
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Holistic Health, moral, mental, physical, social, economic, environmental, disease prevention, healing and disease treatment.
Holistic Health

Holistic health includes herbal medicines and more, such as healthy culture and disease prevention, morals, mental fitness, physical fitness, economic well-being (having enough vital supplies and stuff), environmental health (breathing clean air, drinking clean water, eating organic food, etc.), social health (learning and working in a community and economy that are mutually beneficial to both people and nature), and healing and disease treatment.
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Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program, ABC Garden, Three Oaks, Michigan, holistic skills, community education, whole culture, nature blog
Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program (GV-NCP)
Holistic and interdisciplinary classes.
The program teaches ABC Garden classes: interdisciplinary classes about nature and culture, science, art, ecology, economy, and lessons
that are taught at an ABC Garden.
Classes are informative and fun.
They are about the ABC Garden,
functional communities, the EEE System,
10 Joint Goals, 16 Priceless Things,
and the 40 Sustainability Categories.
See Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program website at www.z-hub.org/galienvalleyncp.html


Blog of Zoe at Galien Valley, ABC Garden, Michigan, holistic skills, whole culture, nature blog
Blog of Zoe at Galien Valley
, about practicing holistic skills, science, art, teaching nature classes and the ABCs of 6 holistic skills, local wildlife, local native flowers, stewardship and landcare of local habitats, etc.
See Zoe's Daily Blog at
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z-hub homepage
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ABC Garden

ABC Garden
An ABC Garden helps communities, agencies, schoolkids, and people of all ages to learn and
to help communities to establish and uphold
an holistic community education, as well as
community functionality and an EEE System,
to achieve the 10 Joint Goals of GREEEPCH,
the 16 Priceless Things, and to take actions in
the 40 Sustainability Categories.
See ABC Garden
at www.z-hub.org/ABCgarden.html

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