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Culture includes values,
including how people value and view
nature, the outdoors, and the land.

Culture includes food, art, clothes, housing, etc. and how people use nature to make food, art, clothes, housing, etc. Culture includes how people relate to nature with their food, art, music, clothes, science, technology, housing, education, the economy, etc.

Cultural issues relating to people, community, culture, education, health, economy, and the environment:

What is a community?

Holistic Community Culture

A Blog on culture:
nature, culture, science, art, and more

Changes Needed in Education and Economy: 7 Goals and Success Indicators of culture, education, ecology, and economy, in order to help communities, people, and nature.

40 ways to sustain communities, people, and nature

Holistic Days:
morals, nature, culture, science, art, food, landcare,
education, ecology, economy, and more

Nice5, Holistic, CEEE:
5 Ways to be Nice, Holistic, and
CEEE: Culture-Education-Ecology-Economy

Science and Art
science and art united in living, learning, working

Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program
classes about nature, culture, science, art, and more

More Information on culture

How do people define words?

Holistic Community Education


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