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Exhibition of cultural connections between society and nature.
Society, nature, sustainability, design, school, and family.

To cheer everyone on in their quests to improve society, nature, school, and design and to provide information on society, nature, culture, school, and design. To exhibit connections between society and nature.  To promote sustainable cultures, schools, and landscape architecture. To briefly show how society, nature, culture, school, and design relate to z-design’s landscape architecture practice to be sustainable.

For many purposes: for joy, health, economy, society,
the environment, wisdom, freedom, values, inspiration,
creativity, art, landscape architecture,
local time, local place,
my children and their education, my lifestyle and goals,
my various interests and areas of advocacy,
for you, my friends, and fellow parents.

The z-hub website was developed with intensions to please people with useful critical thought (not useless malicious whims).  The z-hub website aims to cheer on parents, family, friends, community members, educators, and all people of all ages while on their quest to support the vigor and brilliance of children and society and the splendor of nature. Locally and around the world, there are many parents, educators, and community members who want each child to be free to follow his or her unique constructive dreams and to live in a healthy environment.  It seems that generally there is no one who wishes that children and society be oppressed and be bureaucratically managed into living an extremely depressing pigeonholed robotic zombie life.  Generally, no one wants people to be socially isolated and confined by extreme economic tedium.  Generally, no one wants people to be unhealthy, to be bored, to be violent, to commit crimes, to abuse drugs, and to be hungry and homeless. Generally, no one wants natural resources to be used up, wasted, destroyed, and polluted. Many people want to allow children and society to flourish in all social categories including family & friendship, health & joy, quality of life, intelligence, freedom, art, and love & values.  Furthermore, many people want children to have the resources and skills to acquire food, shelter, clothes, and tools.  Additionally, many people want the environment to be healthy so that there is clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and fertile soil to grow food.  Although many people may spend a significant part of their lives making money, driving, shopping, and passively consuming monotonous globalized products, simultaneously, many people know that corporate and financial prosperity is not the utmost significance in this worldly life.  In many little ways already, several people have implemented activities that intend to allow children and society to live sustainably and to flourish socially and environmentally.  Many people are on quests to get their own individual economic practices and daily routines in touch with their local community and in connection to the manifold of social, cultural, and environmental elements.  It seems that the general well-being and optimism of each individual relates to his or her local society (family & friends), his or her local culture, and his or her local outdoors.  The z-hub website shares some information and activities that intend to let children and local communities flourish.   The z-hub website aims to inspire people to continue on in their pursuits to link with their local society, local culture, local nature and children so that society and children may flourish.  Happy exploring, thinking, and locally connecting!  May you find your unique inner voice and have deep friendships, great health & joy & humor, a great quality of life, vast freedoms, useful wisdom & skills, deep artist pursuits, excitement & serenity, and caring & love.


The z-hub website is an independent website presenting thoughts on society, culture, nature, education, and landscape architecture. The z-hub website is a product of the Pocket Pumpkin Press, which is owned by z-design. However, otherwise, the z-hub website is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by any of the other organizations, schools, people, books, videos, websites, and other media, that z-hub pages link to or mention. The z-hub website is not responsible for any mistyped information. It is the viewers’ responsibility to confirm all information.

People, groups, schools, books, videos, websites, and other media, that z-hub pages link to or mention, do not necessarily agree entirely with z-hub website's statements and goals. Furthermore, the z-hub website does not necessarily agree entirely with the people, groups, schools, books, videos, websites, and other media, that z-hub pages link to or mention.

Although the z-hub website may encourage particular activities, z-hub is not responsible for any group's or individual's actions.  Each individual is responsible for his or her own actions.  The z-hub website was created in the hope that each individual will follow his or her own heart, act in accordance to his or her own beliefs and highest sense of right, and do only those things for which he or she feels comfortable being responsible.


The z-hub website is a product of the Pocket Pumpkin Press, which is owned by z-hub z-design of Three Oaks, Michigan.


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