Table of Contents

1. z-hub

1.01. About the z-hub website

1.02. Everything Connects to Everything

1.03. 100% Totally Sustainable

2. z-hub z-design

2.01. About z-design

2.02. Play, Learning, Native Nature & Wildlife, Social, Cultural Landscapes

2.03. Homestead and Residential Design

3. society

3.01. Southwest Michigan Social Activities

3.02. Health, Joy

3.03. Economy, Quality of Life

3.04. School, Inspiration, Knowledge, Education

3.05. Government, Freedom, Sharing, Protecting

3.06. Arts, Creativity, Fashions

3.07. Values, Religion

4. culture

4.01. current Southwest Michigan Culture that relates to society and nature
4.01a. Outdoor Photography of Local Landscapes
4.01.b. Seasonal Holidays
4.01.b.a. Winter Holidays
4.01.b.b. Spring Holidays
4.01.b.c. Summer Holidays
4.01.b.d. Fall Holidays
4.01.c. Connecting Kids with the Outdoors in their Neighborhood
4.01.d. Three Oaks Farmer's Market and family farms
4.01.e. Southwest Michigan Homesteads and Ecovillages
4.01.f. An Environmental Camp
4.01.g Nature Centers and Parks
4.01.h Landscape Architecture
4.01.i. Books and Educational Materials
4.01.j. More Links to Culture in Michigan and Beyond ...

4.02.Additional Cultural Pursuits of Sustainablility in Michigan, USA, and beyond ...
4.02.a. Henry David Thoreau Quotes from Walden
4.02.b. Jokes, Humor, & Puns

4.03.Musings on a Great Life, Great Culture
4.03.a. Sustainable Uncivilized Life and Culture

4.04. Questions and Discussions on Civilization and Uncivilization
4.04.a. Scales from Extremely Uncivilized to Extremely Civilized
4.04.b. Quotes about Nature and Wilderness
4.04.c. Quotes about Civilization

5. nature

5.01. Habitats of Southwest Michigan
5.01.a. lake (Lake Michigan)
5.01.b. dunes (at Warren Dunes State Park and in Harbert, MI)
5.01.c. woods (at Warren Woods State Park)
5.01.c. wetlands (at Mud Lake Bog, Buchanan, MI)
5.01.d. Maps of Southwest Michigan

5.02. Plants
5.01.a. A Variety of Plants in Southwest Michigan
5.01.b. Spring Woodland Wildflower of Southwest Michigan

5.03. Animals
5.03.a. A Variety of Animals in Southwest Michigan

5.04. Water
5.04.a. Water in Southwest Michigan

5.05. Rocks, Soil, Ground
5.05.a. Rocks, Soil, Ground in Southwest Michigan

5.06. Air, Weather, Climate
5.06.a. Air, Weather, Climate in Southwest Michigan

6. school

6.01. Parents Involved at Southwest Michigan Schools
6.01.a. Parents Involved in the Classroom
6.01.a.a. 6 Reasons Why Parents Get Involved in Class
6.01.a.b. How to Help in the Classroom
6.01.b. Parents Advocate Social, Environmental, and Curricular Improvements
6.01.c. Parents Help Design School Facilities Updates
6.01.c.a. Design Inside the Building
6.01.c.b. Design Outdoors in the Schoolyard
6.01.d. PAT (Parents As Teachers) program at public school
6.01.e. Michigan's Toolkit for Parental Engagement at public school
6.01.f. Three Oaks Elementary PTO and River Valley School Board
6.01.g. Berrien County Schools

6.02. Variety of Types of School
6.02.a. Public Schools
6.02.b. Private Schools
6.02.c. Religious Schools
6.02.c. Homeschooling

6.04. All About School (Education in General)
6.04.a. Books on Education
6.04.b. Movies on Education
6.04.c. You Tube Videos on Education
6.04.c.a. You Tube - Various Education Methods
6.04.c.b. You Tube - Nature and Technology
6.04.c.c. You Tube - History of Contempt for Public School
6.04.c.d. You Tube - Confronting Public School
6.04.d. Links on Education
6.04.e. Various Methods of Education
6.04.f. Priorities of Education
6.04.g. Likes and Dislikes about School
6.04.h. Problems of Public School: 40 ways public school is harmful to children, society, and nature
6.04.i. Many Speak Out: Links to websites, books, and quotes that condemn public school

6.05. Imagine a School: A Sustainable School: 40 ways a school can help children, society, and nature

6.03. Homeschooling
6.03.a. Jewelweed: A Homeschool in Southwest Michigan
6.03.b.Jewelweed: School Style / Education Method
6.03.c.Jewelweed: Photos
6.03.d.Jewelweed: Year by Year Curriculum Outline
6.03.e. Jewelweed: Educational Resources
6.03.f. Jewelweed: Curriculum's Background and Research
6.03.g. Jewelweed: A Parent's Adventure of Education
6.03.g.a Jewelweed: A Parent's Adventure Too
6.03.h. Jewelweed: Lifestyle and Spirituality

7. pocket pumpkin press

7.01. Environmental Art
7.01.a. Postcards of Award Winning Seasonal Photographs Series

7.02. Environmental/Cultural Children's Books
7.02.a. Local Habitats & Wildlife
7.02.b. Phonic Books on Lake and Dunes throughout the Seasons
7.02.c. Easy/Medium Books about the Woods and Seasons

7.03. Environmental/Cultural Coloring Pages and Worksheets
7.03.a. Color/Reference: Alphabet - local wildlife per letter
7.03.b. Worksheets: History, Geography, Earth Science of Lake & Dunes

7.04. Alphabet Wall Hangings / Wall Display
7.04.a. Alphabet of native plants and animals

7.05. Alphabet Package
7.05.a. Alphabet book set, alphabet wall display, alphabet coloring sheets

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